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Adafruit: DIY Electronics and Kits 01-Tool 
Cookie Caster 01-Tool 
Thingiverse: 3D Design Community (download models) 01-Tool 
TinkerCad - Free 3D Modeling Software 01-Tool 
3D Printing Youtube Playlist 02-Learning Resource 
Maker Camp 02-Learning Resource 
Pinterest: Articles on the impact of 3D Printing, Art, Design... 02-Learning Resource 
Pinterest: contemporary artwork employing digital fabrication 02-Learning Resource 
Pinterest: d.i.y. digital fabrication tools 02-Learning Resource 
Pinterest: Download Interesting 3D Models 02-Learning Resource 
Schlow Library's Recommended Reads 02-Learning Resource 
Schlow Studio Youtube Playlist 02-Learning Resource 
The Pleasure and Meaning of Making (Talking Points) 02-Learning Resource 
Guardian: Chinese firm creates 'world's tallest 3D-printed building' 03-Making in the News 
NPR: How 3D Printers are Changing the Way People Think About Manufacturing 03-Making in the News 
Parade Magazine: How 3-D Printing is Transforming Everything from Medicine to Manufacturing 03-Making in the News 
3rd Revolution 04-Maker Week Community 
Catalyst Space 04-Maker Week Community 
DigiFABLab 04-Maker Week Community 
Discovery Space 04-Maker Week Community 
Hack PSU 04-Maker Week Community 
KidTech 04-Maker Week Community 
New Leaf Initiative 04-Maker Week Community 
North Atherton UPS Store 04-Maker Week Community 
PSU Engineering Design & Optimization Group 04-Maker Week Community 
PSU Small Business Development Center 04-Maker Week Community 
Rick Winscot 04-Maker Week Community 
Schlow Centre Region Library 04-Maker Week Community 
State College Area STEM Ed. 04-Maker Week Community 
The Makery 04-Maker Week Community 
The Make Space 04-Maker Week Community 
Showing 31 items